Profile of the Graduate


Undertake and manage Software Development projects – Information Technology.

Performs Analysis – Design – Construction – Verification – Validation – Deployment – Documentation – Maintenance .

Manages the software development cycle, the resources involved, the risk, the costs and security; making use of the principles of mathematics, computing and processes with engineering practices so that they satisfy the requirements of the user, client or society at the local, regional, national or international level, both in the private sector and the public sector .

Systems Engineers are professionals committed to the problems of the region and the country and their interaction with the modern real world, in order to contribute to the development of the country through a responsible and comprehensive professional practice. They understand the impact of software solutions and of information technology considering other
positions, evaluating the implications and / or consequences of their proposals.

They work in multidisciplinary teams adapting to different work environments, communicating their ideas effectively and recognizing the need for lifelong learning as a tool to adapt to rapid technological, organizational and social changes .They have an authoritative and proactive attitude and act as an agent for change with innovative proposals.

They are born researchers, they investigate various sources of information to acquire knowledge that allows them to solve problems that are placed before them .They create original proposals which may be published in national and international media of recognized prestige.