Educational objectives

The Program Educational Objectives have been formulated taking into account constituencies and stakeholders needs and expectations, in order to provide students with an outstanding engineering education that allows them to achieve a fruitful engineering professional practice in a highly demanding and competitive workplace.

The Educational Objectives of the Systems Engineering Program have been defined so that the graduates:

EO 1.  Continuous Updating and Entrepreneurship

Continuously update their knowledge and skills for assimilating the technological changes in the profession to stay competitive, and with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

EO 2.  Technical Competence

Be a competent professional formulating, managing and undertaking software and information technology projects, conducting analysis, design, construction, verification, validation, deployment, documentation, maintenance and security activities aligned to the organization strategy and goals.

EO 3.  Professionalism

Be an ethical and responsible professional, effectively leading engineering projects, with social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

The Educational Objectives have been derived from the mission of the University in correspondence with the mission of the College and the Program.

The Program Educational Objectives have been evolving along time according to constituencies input. The Educational Objectives presented above correspond to the last revision in year 2020.

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