Areas of Work


A graduate of the Systems Engineering Professional Program is prepared to work in the following areas.

1.Software Engineering
Carry out the analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance of software products, websites, web and mobile applications, intelligent systems and video games. This will be carried out through the use of programming languages ​​based on algorithmic design and analysis, as well as formalizing information requirements and software architecture. Designing high quality information systems based on the strategic objectives of the organization based on Software Development Project Plans.

Carry out teaching in universities, institutes or colleges, developing and managing platforms that involve the use of Information Technologies and their relationship with teaching. They are responsible for designing  and installing internal networks where virtual classes are offered attainments are verified and communication with teachers maintained.

3. Research
Participate in research projects proposing solutions to a wider society based on Information Technology and Software Engineering.

4. Information Technology Administration
Manage systems and Information Technologies occupying the role of systems manager, software development project manager, director of Information Technology, systems auditor, among others.

5. Computer Security
Design the security architecture of a company, the analysis of the security of information systems and the administration of the security of the data communication networks to predict risks and guarantee confidentiality.

6. Information systems management
They will develop systems to implement and administer servers, databases and the entire technological infrastructure of an organization. The systems professional works as an Information Technology consultant, director and analyst, network designer, among others. Lead technical teams and manage technology projects to achieve maximum performance in the organization.

7. Independent Professional
They are able to form their own practices and employ professionals related to the area.