The Professional School of Systems Engineering, created on February 17, 1995 according to Rectoral Resolution No. 106-95 dated February 24, 1995, is aware of the role that it has to fulfill in our society, achieving a better understanding of the need to reflect on technological development, as well as the limitations that students may have in their quest to find solutions to society’s problems.

The advent of modern information and communication technologie has caused transformations in the way  we act ,both individually and as a society. Today great changes have arisen as a result of the ways of using and accessing information, generating a  separation between the subject and knowledge of it .

These technologies are inducing great changes of which the School of Systems is aware. As a consequence, it links the study objective with technological development, acting as a facilitator of these.

To fulfill this new role, the School of Systems prepares students in the scientific study of the factors associated with technologies and systems seeking technical solutions to these problems.



The Professional School of Systems Engineering trains students to become  competent and ethical professionals with research and innovation skills, capable of managing software development and information technology projects.

These projects contribute to the development of  local, national and international communities   by applying scientific  and technical knowledge.


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