Educational Objectives

Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa UNSA

College of Production and Services Engineering 

Electrical Engineering Program

Educational Objectives


The Educational Objectives of the Electrical Engineering Program have been defined so that the graduates:

  1. Technical Competence

Demonstrate peer-recognized expertise and competency in the different fields of electrical engineering, proposing and executing effective and innovative engineering solutions for providing electricity to people, society and industry, supporting the continuous and sustainable progress of the region and the country.

  1. Professionalism

Practice engineering respecting and complying the profession ethical principles and standards as stated by the Peruvian Engineers Association, assuming their social and professional responsibilities.

  1. Knowledge Generation

Effectively contribute to the research and generation of scientific and technological knowledge, providing alternative solutions to society problems, particularly in the electrical engineering field.

  1. Leadership

Lead and contribute, from the public or private activity, to personal, social and business growth and development, participating in change processes that involve technological improvements, especially in the electricity sector, with efficiency, productivity and sustainability criteria, for the benefit of the region and the country.